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Enlytened Annual Trends Report 2022 Edition
Challenge & Objectives // As the only Property & Casualty service provider who offers technology innovation, clinical services, and network solutions, Enlyte has a unique ability to share a holistic industry point of view with expertise that differentiates the business from its competitors. As the result of mergers between Mitchell, Genex and Coventry, the Enlyte parent company brand was launched in 2021, making brand building and leadership positioning a key market priority. As part of this effort, building a flagship publication that showcases our thought leadership was an opportunity to meet key brand goals of increasing awareness and clarity of the Enlyte brand leadership in our industry, differentiating Enlyte’s value from that of competitors, increased engagement and audience volume on social media, website traffic and PR, improvement in SEO rankings and pipeline influence of B2B sales opportunities.
Results // The success of the campaign was evaluated based on metrics that indicate audience growth, increased audience engagement, increased media interest, share of market voice relative to competitors, and most importantly, pipeline influence. Some of the resulting highlights include: 570% increase in downloads over 2021, 24% share of voice increase, social audience engagement increase of 39%, engagement per impression increase of 12.3%, total social audience growth of 3.4%, enlyte.com website traffic increase 64%, 8 feature articles written and published in industry trade publications, subsequent inquiries from New York Times and Wall Street Journal for follow-up coverage and influenced $27M in B2B sales opportunities (18-month sales cycle, closed-won deals not measured until 2024).
Awards // MUSE 2023 Gold Winner and Gold Stevie American Business Awards
Role // Art Director

Enlytened Trends Pillar Page

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HTML5 Display Ads with Motion Graphics


Campaign Elements // Pillar Page with Animated Hero Banner, Email Marketing, LinkedIn Social Cards, Display Ads, 54 Page eBook

Enlytened Annual Trends Report 2021 Edition
Client // Enlyte
Opportunity // Parent Company Brand Development, Merger & Acquisition Rebrand, Go-To-Market as an Industry Leader in the Property and Casualty Market
Role // Art Director

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ePay Auto First Party & Workers’ Compensation Campaign

Opportunity // Organic revenue growth targeting current SmartAdvisor and DecisionPoint clients not utilizing our ePay solution. Benefits include: claims workflow efficiencies​, free up adjuster time by eliminating manual processes and reduce call volume​, implement integrations seamlessly​, cut unnecessary costs, save 60-90% over paper process, 40% electronic penetration and eliminate $8 per paper check cost.
Assets // eBook, eGuide to selecting a vendor, case study and flyer downloadable from several emails using a drip campaign to target decision makers, a gated landing page for ads plus animated social posts targeting adjusters with a more playful approach and a webinar.
Company // Enlyte
Role // Art Director

ePay Landing Page

ePay Email Drip Campaign
A/B testing of subject lines or button colors for conversion optimization.

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eGuide to Selecting a Vendor
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Case Study
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Static Social

Animated Social